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 Through, you will gain unlimited action, fascinating experience, and an experience of a lifetime in managing your very own professional team to play with in ML UEFA Champion’s League that will offer challenges, excitement and give you the chance to select, sell, buy and trade players, both national and international.   This online football manager games gives you the opportunity to make all the decisions regarding the future success of your UEFA champion’s league football team, as well as arranging friendly matches that ultimately improve your players skills, devise tactics to be implemented in championship games.    As a football manager you will be expected to train future youth squads that may become part of the UEFA champion’s league, as well as arrange training camps for your current players – ensuring that remain on top of their game, and in peak physical performance to carry the team to victory.

 The online football manager’s gave offer realistic insight to the daily activities and concerns that a UEFA champion’s league football manager faces.   It creates the perfect platform to become involved in the exhilarating world of professional football and allows selection of top football players from across the world that will bring their skills, talent and passion for the game and ensure that your managed UEFA champion’s league enjoys the thrill of victory.   As manger of a successful football team, you will be expected to assist players to overcome their weak points and arrange training camps, while you prepare your stadium to world class level.     In addition, football friendly matches must be arranged, while arranging two league matches per weekdays ensuring that a full season of football is played per month.   

 Through this online most action-packed UEFA champions league manager game, you will provide key assistance and support to your league players, ensuring that their precise needs are met – allowing them to take your selected team to victory.    The possibilities which exist through this exciting and adrenalin-pumping online football game are seemingly endless and will give anyone an exact and precise view of the necessary requirements needed to manage a UEFA champion’s league professional football team.

 This innovative and highly-involved online football game allows you to take your passion for the beautiful game to a whole new level and gain insight and understanding to the challenges facing a UEFA champion’s league manager.  A once in a lifetime opportunity exists thought this professional league online football game, and you are able to share the risks, feel the victory and become part of the football world, and partake in the intense drama and tremendous thrills associated with managing a UEFA champions league football team.    Select the best team possible from a multi-player selection squad, zoning in on special talents and tactics, while ensuring that your team is one of the very best!      If you have a love for football, this online manager football game was designed with you in mind, elevate your passion to a brand, new exciting level and become part of the football world – in a way which you never believed possible.

 Here is a list of lastest Champions League winners, proud owners of a real cup that will remain as a simbol of their skills and fair play, a trophy desired by many but few will prove they can earn it. If you think you are worthy, enter with a simple click on , join and you will be up and playing within a few minutes; this is one experience you shouldn’t miss and if you really love online football manager games, one day you will be on this list too.

Season Team Name Manager Name Country
73 Mount Everest Leopards Everest Leo Hungary
72 Mount Everest Leopards Everest Leo Hungary
71 TurtlePool Rantanplan International
70 Gallipoli FC Mattin Turkey
69 CzarneKoszule ny1900 Poland
68 The Merseyside Reds Liverpool Bill Norway
67 RO DreamTeam Porcus Romania
66 The Merseyside Reds Liverpool Bill Norway


RO DreamTeam Porcus Romania
64 fotbal club brasov bebita Romania
63 FC Minerul Lupeni Lordul1981 Romania


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