We are now going from one season to the next! This season-change will take a good bit longer than usual, due to all the changes listed below. Please be patient, we are not sure exactly how long this will take, but the timer above is an fair estimate. Any delays will be announced on our Facebook-page.- Spinner As usual, the game is unavailable while we go from one season to another.
Lots of changes and improvements are here! Here is the complete list - Excellent coaches are now more rare
- Dancing cheerleaders!!
- Bot-teams will now be stronger than before. They will be given proper team-stats at the start of each season, and will enjoy the home-field advantage as much as anyone.
- Newly bought players cant get sacked for 14 days
- Reduced the chance of cards slightly
- Flagged messages will never be deleted from your inbox automatically or with the DELETE ALL button. They must be deleted manually, or unflagged.
- Reduce friendlies, double gains
- Double friendly-cost to 2 credits
- Double friendly-cost to 2 credits, also in the mobile interface
- Bonus per Win in CL / SU qualifiers etc, rather than for qualifying or not
-- changed to 2.500.000 per win in the CL K.O rounds
-- changed to 1.500.000 per win in the SU K.O rounds
- Your team-setup page will now show the player-cards if you hover the mouse over the #, - Role or * columns (makes it easier to spot those with Abilities!)
- Fix: Income-tax would be wrong if your result was higher than 2.1 billion. Fixed.
- Tweak: Salaries have been adjusted a bit upwards for players with high Q, progressively ofc
- Tweak: Starting-cash has been increased by 25 million for new teams
- League-changes: Due to the number of players, 4 leagues are being shut down, and the players moved to International. The leagues in question are Singapore, Thailand, Ireland and The Baltic League.
- This ofc triggers a lot of new CL- and SU-slots to be shifted about, so that will also happen.

Special abilities:
We will introduce special-abilities among our players. A player can only have 1 such ability. The ability is an on/off switch, no gradings. The ability is public, visible to all, and will be reflected in his value and wages by adding 25% to it.
The ability allows a player to perform well beyond his normal "stat" in the affected scenario.

- Poacher: (PO) The Poacher excels in Finishing inside the penalty area both with their feet and with their head. They have the ability to turn half chances into goals.
- Acrobat: (AC) The Acrobat uses his athletic ability to get to balls that other players won't get to. This player does many acrobatic clearances and bicycle kicks.
- Clinical Finisher: (CF) Clinical Finishers have the technique required to be deadly goal scorers from anywhere within 25 yards. They have an eye for the goal, and will make you pay for your mistakes.
- Distance Shooter: (DS) This player not only has a powerful shot, they are accurate from distance. If you get the ball in open space, don't be afraid to take a pop at goal.
- Dribbler: (DR) This player has excellent ball control and is great at getting around defenders. He will also likely have a few tricks up his sleeve and will use them to beat his opponents.
- FK Specialist: (FK) FK specialists have spent countless hours on the training ground taking free kicks. Some will be able to curl the ball around the wall, some will get it up over the wall and back
down. - Speedster: (SP) A speedster is a player who can not only get off the mark quickly, but also has a very high top speed.
- Playmaker: (PM) This player has exceptional ability to distribute balls to his teammates. On the ground or through the air, he is the guy you want to play through to create chances.
- Crosser: (CR) This player is excellent at swinging the ball in from the wing. They are accurate, serve the ball with pace, and can bend it around defenders into dangerous areas.
- Corner Specialist: (CO) Corner specialists have spent countless hours on the training ground taking corners. Having one of these on your team can really help you converting corners to goals!
- Engine: (EN) He can run forever! Lower fitness-drop!
- Interceptor: (IN) Excels in reading the game and will intercept passes like no-one else!
- Brick: (BR) Players with the Brick specialty are forces to be reckoned with. They are difficult to push off the ball and use their size and strength to their advantage when defending.
- Thief: (TH)Thieves have mastered the art of dispossession. They react quickly to the situation to read any dribbler and are able to break up more plays than the average defender.
- Tactician: (TA) This player is fantastic at reading the game defensively. He will excel at reading the trajectory of passes, and will react faster off the mark to intercept passes.
- Penalty-stopper: (PS) GK-ability, self-explanatory
- Field Expert: (FE) Field Experts are recognized by their ability to read situations early, before they become chances, and to move out of the box to intervene.

Please note that players with these abilities are far from common. Existing players will not be given any such abilities, but new youths CAN get them. New teamless youths can also get them. Naturally, this will lead to some pretty high market-values for young, high Q players WITH abilities, we realize this, and over short time there will certainly be some "unfairness" as to who gets lucky and who does not. Over time, this element will hopefully even out.

"Flair" will still be important, but as with any addition to the players / simulator, you can argue that "everything else" get's "a little less important".

We do hope it will be a fun addition to the game though, something a little "extra" on the top!
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