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Starting Lineup - Part 2 (24/03/2017 03:59)

So, I decided to go further, and took a deeper look at the Q level for starting level players. The identification of who is a starting level player is obviously subjective, but I took out any player who was obviously an oldie trainer, and youth below 20.  I also took out any player who did not reach a Q of 92 by age 28, as they would not have been a starter or reserve on any team.  With that list of players, I went back through each player's history to see what their Q was at the end of each season, and got the following chart of average Q by position, by age:



Position 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Goaltender 75.84 79.47 82.42 85.95 88.11 90.11 91.82 93.35 94.06 94.63 94.88 94.79
Defender 75.88 79.25 82.40 86.08 88.22 90.41 91.88 93.14 94.00 94.72 95.12 95.27
Midfielder 76.27 79.76 82.85 86.42 88.88 90.84 92.49 93.74 94.76 95.33 95.55 95.95
Attacker 74.90 78.62 81.92 86.10 88.74 90.81 92.36 93.56 94.22 95.03 95.30 95.35


It has definitely opened my eyes some, as I wasn't personally expecting that there was such a wide gap between what I had been doing previously, and what the D1 teams have been doing.  Looking at the chart, across all positions, in order to have players that are the average D1 US starter, the potential player should be (on average): By 19, ~Q82, by 22, ~Q90, and by 24, ~Q93.  I'm curious to see that if my division (D2-4) made an all star team of players, that if we had enough players to even field a team that can compete.  My guess would be no.



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